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What is Gihara?

by Guest

Gihara is not just the word. Gihara term indicates the Caste. Millions of Gihara lives in different states of India. This caste doesn’t have its existence thats the reason it has lost its identity. Gihara caste people know by various names in the country thats the reason they could never recognise by the name Gihara. These people could not consolidate themselves in one state and never disclosed their identity and language in front of this world reason  behind they were very poor and illiterate.Gihara people are always very hard working and they fulfilled the needs of their family by any means. Gihara caste people never contributed in politics if they could have entered in politics than they would have their own identity and better position in society. The main reason of loosing identity is they were never be documented in History of India.The situation is changing now, children’s are studying and they are more aware about the world now.Gihara people are now employed in Government services and their business are also doing well. Gradually the standard is getting better.Mr. Amrit Lal’s great efforts now could put Gihara in the list  of schedule caste Delhi. But because of the spelling mistake it was mention giara.We do not have any regrets now because with the efforts of Mr. Amrit Lal only Gihara people are making their certificates and availing all government. By Vinod Bains Gihara

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